How much do you know about the use of mini computers?

Nowadays, mini computers are more and more widely used. Do you know where they are used?

1. Personal customers: Mini computers come standard with 2GB, DDR3 memory (expandable), 8GB SSD solid state hard drive (expandable), can be used as an ordinary computer, can also be located in the living room computer, TV set in the living room Below, after connecting to the TV, it can be used as a network movie player to access the Internet and watch photos.At the same time, it can also be used as a downloader and download movies (with a large-capacity hard disk).

2. High-end users: Users who have higher requirements for performance and MIC sound can use this model. The first choice for call center users, memory 2G, hard disk 8G, has higher stability, reliability, low power, power saving, Environmental protection, reliable and excellent effect.

3.Preferred for business office. In the commercial application of ordinary cloud terminals, the phenomenon of stuttering on the Internet, the display effect is very different from that of the PC, and the display effect is not good, and some applications cannot achieve the effect, But Digitblue MINI PC has been upgraded to 32-bit true color, 1920X1080 HD, and the display effect is no different from that of a standard desktop computer with functional features, and the business application is small, lightweight, and a large number of applications save electricity costs. The power of the whole machine is less than 17W. Business office saves power, easy to place, high-end atmosphere, full-featured, fast.

5, Dedicated to the education industry: better performance than low-end cloud terminals, more convenient software compatibility, better color, faster speed, more suitable for the education industry.

6.Industrial computer: The mini computer is reserved for industrial users and the serial port, as well as the design of the machine, which are fully qualified for industrial applications.The all-solid-state design, the all-silent design, and the overall board design take into account the needs of industrial users. .

7. Other dedicated computers: It can also be used as a main accessory for remote media players, advertising machines, all-in-one machines, POS machines, and other equipment, and developed into other products for secondary use!

Do you know that mini computers are so versatile?

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